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Pairing Picker is an advanced search tool designed to make reviewing preliminary pairings easy. Search tools include bid type, base, pairing length, weekdays and dates to avoid and more!

With Pairing Picker you can view, print and share your search results with ease. Pairing Picker is fully functional on all devices with a modern web browser.



Pairing Picker is available to select airline employees with a valid email address.

After sign-up is complete, an authentication code will be sent directly to your email account.


Pay As You Go

$5.99 charged monthly. There is no minimum number of months.

Yearly Subscription

A 12 month Pairing Picker subscription costs only $59.99, paid in advance of the start date.


Pairing Picker accepts all major credit cards utilizing the secure Stripe® point of sale payment system.

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"It's quicker with the Picker"
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